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Custom Controllers Ireland

Gold Shadow Custom Combat Xbox Series X Controller

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Gold Shadow Custom Combat Xbox Series X Controller


1 Year Warranty Provided

For those seeking a faster option, this controller offers guaranteed dispatch within 48 working hours 


The Controller Comes with the following

2 Pro Back Action Buttons mapped to (Right A, Left B)

The Back action buttons are ergonomically designed with a tactile feedback response. This allows for precise control and accuracy while gaming and provides gamers with the competitive edge.

Mouse Click Triggers & Bumpers

The upgraded triggers will help with shooting and aiming faster. This will save valuable time during fast competitive  FPS games like warzone, fortnight and battlefield. The triggers and bumpers will be as fast as a mouse click which will provide a massive advantage against players using standard controllers.

Must have for FPS games like COD / Warzone, Fortnite and Battlefield!